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Home Remedies For Dogs With Upset Stomachs – 4 Tips to Help Your Baby

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We as dog owners hate it when our dog is sick and not being his normal playful self. All we want to do is get him feeling better as quick as possible and without breaking the bank. One of the big problems facing us dog owners is when our “babies” get upset stomachs. They may be throwing or just lying around and sleeping not being their normal happy selves. He will look at you with those big sad puppy dog eyes like he is asking to help him feel better. Fortunately there are home remedies for dogs with upset stomachs.


Take your dog outside and allow him to eat some grass to will induce vomiting, this will rid his stomach of any toxins or other dangerous substances he may have eaten.

Stop Feeding

He may refuse to eat anyway but if he has diarrhea do not feed him for 24 hours to allow his body to purge itself of any bad food he may have eaten.


Always keep a full bowl of fresh clean water for your dog as dehydration can set in very fast if he is throwing up or has diarrhea.

Bland foods

 After 24 hours have passed try feeding him bland foods a couple good choices for this are boiled chicken a boiled white rice. Wait a while after she eats the chicken and rice to see how she handles it and determine if you can start her back on her normal diet.

Home remedies for dogs with upset stomachs can be very helpful and beneficial to you and your dog. Saving your dog from the stress a visit to the vet can cause and avoiding prescription medication which can have potentially harmful or fatal side effects. Also using home remedies to treat your pets symptoms can save you a great deal of money and give you the satisfaction of knowing YOU are the one who made your baby feel better.

When my baby Samara was a puppy she had a lot of problems with her stomach. I took her back and forth to the vet for several months which ended up costing a fortune and added a lot of undue stress on her but I just wanted my baby to get better, I could tell she was in pain and it was tearing me up. She would look up at me with those big sad help me eyes and I knew I had to do something to help her.

I began doing my own research and I found a book online and discovered there are home remedies for almost any health related symptoms your pet may have. I have used this book many times and it has helped me and Samara so much. No more running to the vet for every little thing that comes up. She is happy and I am happy I feel anyone interested in natural home remedies for their pets should have a copy of this book. You owe it to yourself and to your baby.

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