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5 Simple Tips For Dog Bathing

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Do you absolutely hate the thought of giving your dog a bath? It is such a messy and usually very unpleasant task. Admit it, do you just kind of let your dog go without a bath until it becomes unbearable and you have to bathe him/her. 

Welcome to our world. That is how most dog owners feel about giving our dogs a bath. You do not ever mention the word bath, because then your dog will run and hide.
It usually takes more then one person and a lot of work for this ordeal to take place.

The size of the dog can also be a hassle. A large dog is definitely not easy to bathe. If your dog has a thick coat it is hard to clean the fur down to the skin.

Many of us do not have yards and water hookups outside.

However, when the time comes and your dog starts smelling like a dog, it has to be done. For your dogs sake as well as yours, a bath is necessary.

Some people have the luxury of having their dog bathed by professionals, but that can be expensive and out or reach for many people.
If you are like many of us and must this job yourself here are some simple tips to make it easier

1. Begin regularly bathing your dog from an early age, or as soon as you adopt one. This way they will get use to the whole process. Never give a puppy at bath until they are least 8 weeks old, and only if necessary.

2. Always make sure your home is warm before starting an indoor bath. If needed turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Get all your prep work done this includes towels, shampoo and whatever you need to begin the bath.

3. Combing and brushing out all the mats. Do this before your dog gets wet, to prevent the mats from turning into solid clumps that can only be removed with clippers.

If your dog has gotten into some sort of sticky materials like tar or paint, trim away the effected area of hair or soak it with vegetable or mineral oil for 24 hours. If it is a large area, you might be better off consulting a professional groomer.

4. Preparing the patient (dog). To keep their eyes safe from suds, put a small drop of mineral oil in them. You can also place cotton balls in their ears. When using cotton balls make sure of the size if they are too small for your dogs ears they could slip down the ear canal.

5. Bathe your dog as quickly as you can. This will alleviate the stress on both of you.
Do a thorough and good cleaning, be it outdoors or indoors especially rinsing all the shampoo off.

Soap residue can cause itching and irritation to their skin. Always dry your dog off immediately. Using a pet shammy and soft towels. If your dog does not mind a blow dryer on a low setting works quite well.

Be prepared for the big shake off your dog will do. It is good to let them shake the water off, just be prepared and keep them in a small area like your bathroom to control the water going all over.

Your dog will be much happier when he/she is clean and fresh smelling, of course do not expect them to let you know they liked it. With the right preparation bathing your dog does not have to been a battle, it can be almost fun when done with love, kindness and patience.

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