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4 Helpful Tips to Reduce Excessive Cat shedding

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Shedding is a necessary process for cats since the old hair has to fall out to make room for the new. However, excessive shedding in cats can be a huge problem for owners since it sticks to everything in the home. This is particularly a problem for owners of longer-haired breeds. Here are a few tips to reduce cat shedding.


Believe it or not, your cat’s diet plays a role in how much she sheds. If you have a problem with excessive shedding, then try increasing the amount of fatty acids that your kitty consumes. Flax seed and salmon oils are particularly good for this problem too.


Cats groom themselves pretty well. However, you can help out significantly by brushing your cat as much as possible. Doing so on a daily basis will really help reduce cat shedding. Know that there are different types of brushes designed for cats and other pets. You will more than likely need multiple types of brushes to do the job effectively.


As virtually every owner can attest to, cats really dislike water. That’s why it’s so difficult to give them a good bath. Bathing them though is a great way to limit shedding in cats. If you’re having major issues giving your feline a bath, then consider starting out slowly.

Only put enough water in the tub to cover up her feet while you bathe her. After a few sessions of this, she will hopefully get used to the process. Then, you can start giving her more thorough baths, complete with shampoo.


If shedding in cats becomes excessive, then parasites could possibly be the problem. Infestations can cause extreme itching, which leads to scratching and the hair falling out. Fleas and ticks need to be controlled via a combination of methods such as medications and collars. Ensure that you regularly inspect your cat for other parasites too.

If you want to keep your home tidy with a cat that’s shedding a lot walking around, then you’ll need to clean regularly. Lint rollers will be invaluable. It’s best that you get loose hair up as soon as possible. It will be easiest to get up early before it really gets attached to upholstery. Consider using a furniture cover too.


Using these tips will help reduce cat shedding. Be wary if your cat starts losing a lot of hair suddenly though. It could be a sign that something serious is wrong like an infection or illness, and you would need to take your cat to the vet for a checkup.

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