Portable Dog Water Bottle

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MULTIFUNCTION USE: U2mug design combines dog water bottle and water bowl. The cap can be turnover and turned into a water bowl. So you can easily feed water to your hairy buddy by squeezing the water bottle. The water will flow into the bowl by pressure, don’t forget to fold it back after use;
LARGE CAPACITY: 18 oz / 520 ml volume can offer safe, fresh, and healthy water to your puppies at any time, especially during travel, Hiking, and some other open-air actions. Suitable for small and medium dogs;
PROOF LEAKAGE: The top rotational buckle is designed to ensure that water does not back into the the bottle and pollute the remaining water. The sealed silicone gasket inside the cover can ensure no water leakage, No more worry about your travel pack getting wet !

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SAFE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The parts are detachable and easy to clean,only 0.3 lb/ 140 g; The compact bottle body is made of HDPE stock, the water bowl is produced with food standard silicone; it is BPA Free, Long Service Life,No Smell,No deformation. Also it is ecologically friendly and recyclable;
FASHION APPEARANCE: Our multi-functional go back and forth bottle has a bracelet for portable sports, in addition to hanging from backpacks and bicycles. With a PETNF go back and forth water bottle, you’ll be able to have more interesting interaction with your pet, Fashion design also making your pet different all the way through go back and forth!

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12 reviews for Portable Dog Water Bottle

  1. Kate

    I like the product but my dog doesn’t 😫It’s a good size and easy to use

  2. tc

    Great to keep in the car when traveling with our dogs.

  3. Louga

    Cette bouteille est pratique mais le plastique est tellement mince que mon chiot a fait un trou dans la bouteille avec ses petites dents pointues. Cher pour la qualité mais le concept est bon.

  4. Danielle Medeiros

    Compact and easy to carry when at the park

  5. Anthony Bellizzi

    Very good product easy to use and dogs have fresh water whenever they need it. Handy carry stral and also ahs hook as well

  6. Wendy Barlow

    Doggies like drinking from it much better than any other water carriers. No waste.

  7. C Lee

    This has been brilliant for taking water out on longer walks for the dog. Great being able to make a little bowl fir the dog to drink from.

  8. JayG

    I had another that was chewed up by a dog. I replaced it with this one and I can tell the difference pretty quickly. This one does seal well, the top rolls down over it and water doesn’t leak. It also requires you to touch the rotary valve on top to open and then squeeze to push water out. If you want to fill the top and keep it there – you have to close the valve, the bottle is then deformed as you couldn’t get air in to displace the water that was just pushed out. Not great for car rides – not bad at the park though..In comparison – I was hoping for a similar bottle with a check valve between the top and the bottom in the lid. This should be serviceable, think a spring and stainless steel ball bearing. You can squeeze water out – the air is vented back in and the check valve holds the container full. This made riding with the dog great in the car as I could squeeze his container – fill with some water and it would remain until he finished it. I could then fill again at my convenience, and not constantly have to squeeze it..

  9. J Williams

    We have tried many portable water bowls. We hike with our dogs, travel with our dogs everything with our dogs. This has a hook for carrying it. My husband hooks it on his jeans. The bowls folds down over the bottle and there’s a valve that allows you to fill the bowl when you press on the bottle. If the valve is closed there’s no leaking. There’s no water wasted except what the dogs spill. You tenfold the bowl , turn the valve at the bottom of the bowl and squeeze the bottle and the bowl fills . The dogs drink and you release pressure on the bottle and whatever water is left in the bowl is sucked back into the bottle. My only complaint is that the water bottle isn’t bigger. When we do over 5k with both of our big dogs we take and extra bottle for the dogs. I highly recommend this. I have a 100lb lab and a 50 lb cattle dog.

  10. Dee

    I have give many of these for gifts. Great easy way to keep dog hydrate during their walks in this heat.Clips to my belt or reflector vest when walking. Great for car trips.

  11. Godmother

    Great for that summer walks so that your dog doesn’t gulp their water when they come home from the heat.Sometimes the water doesn’t suck back down, you just have to squeeze it a couple of times for it to go back down.The bottle is not insulated to keep water cool so don’t leave it in a warm spot or in the car.

  12. Julie

    This thing is wonderful for going hiking or a long walk when you need to have water for your dog at all times. Just strap it on your waste and perfect. You don’t realize it’s on you.

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