PawLites Cat Litter Box Large with Litter Scoop

Flipping a page Easy to open and clean with an open head; flip-folding If you find it difficult to use a typical enclosed cat litter box (requires a little amount of space to clean) and cat litter tray (leaks litter and urine), our product is ideal for you since it has a large space and is urine proof.
Open Top with Roof Holes – Two Gates – One Clear Front Door (2) As the cat jumps out of the box, the top open gate design can significantly reduce the amount of litter that spills out (litter sand moves away) Also, openings in the roof cause litter to fall into the litter box once again, keeping the area much cleaner.
Urine Proof and Covered” Technological dual structure construction minimises pee leakage, and the hooded cover construction keeps sand and urine inside the box, keeping the area clean. No matter how mischievous your cats are, we took into account self-lock design for safety and stability

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Cats naturally like to be in a secure and private location, especially when eating and the usage of the restroom, so the cat toilet box is quiet and offers a big private space for mature cats. Cat prefers the enclosed litter box inside, where it feels more at ease and relaxed.
Scoop and Superior Durability A cat litter tray and a cat litter scoop are included in the product package, so you’ll be able to purchase either one of them at once. Our cat litter box is made of engineering plastic, which has the advantage of being heat stable up to temperatures between 120 and 150°C. Lightweight, stronger, and more durable Use our product safely and durably for a very long time.

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