JiMMy Pet Products Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter Sand

Premium Clumping Cat Litter
JiMMy Cat Litter Premium clumping / scoopable cat litter – contains very high liquid absorption capacity, which helps in forming instant hard clump and this makes cleaning up the cat litter tray / cat litter box an easy task.

Superior Odour Control
Provide superior odor control, It’s unique odor lock formula eliminates odor and neutralizes ammonia.

Safe for Cats, Made from Bentonite
It is made from finest quality 100% natural bentonite which forms instant hard clumps, less consumption & long-lasting.

Absorbs Moisture Quickly
Contains superior moisture absorption capacity. Which helps in forming instant hard clumps and locks the odor.

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Made From Herbal Bentonite
Powered with neem
Absorbs moisture temporarily
one hundred% Herbal odour regulate
Jasmine perfume and effective granules – measurement (2mm- 0.8mm)

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