FARMINA Dry Adult Cat Food

High Animal Protein Level

As per Farmina Nutrition System for Carnivores Philosophy, Dogs and Cats are considered carnivores who derive their energy from Proteins and Fats. Due to absence of salivary amylase, pancreas overwork because in charge of the total digestion of carbohydrates.

Botanical Essences

Medicinal plants with specific and focused properties which play a toning and strengthening role on the organs, tissues and immune system.

Fruits and Vegetables

N&D Prime products are well integrated with fruits and vegetables, such as pomegranate which has antioxidant properties and is a natural source of vitamins (vit C), potassium and phosphorus.


FARMINA Dry Adult Cat Food

Grain loose cat meals from Farmina
Is helping stay the coat glossy and healhy
Entire and balanced meals formulated for Grownup cats
Grownup cat meals formulated with actual dehydrated rooster

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