Bark Out Loud by Vivaldis Dry Dog Food

OPTIMAL PROTEIN FOR ENERGY & MUSCLE: With a robust 26% protein content sourced from real chicken, green peas, and liver hydrolysate, this dog food fuels your adult dog’s energy levels and supports strong, healthy muscles. Further, this high-quality protein formula helps maintain a healthy weight for your furry companion and supports overall well-being. Give your dog the nutrition they need to thrive with our protein-rich formula, ensuring they stay active and full of vitality.
EASY TO DIGEST: Ancient grains like naked oats and barley are easy on the digestive system, making mealtime a delight for your dog. These fiber-rich grains support smooth digestion, ensuring your furry friend enjoys each meal without tummy troubles. You can give ideal nutrition to your pet with Bark Out Loud’s adult dry pet food
HAPPY TUMMIES & HAPPY DOGS: Dried beet pulp, chicory, and yeast hydrolysate work together to create a gut-friendly environment. This not only keeps your dog’s digestive system healthy but also ensures they feel comfortable and content after every meal.

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TASTE, SENSATION & WELLNESS: Our dog food contains super herbs like yucca schidigera and carob flour not only give a boost to the flavor of the food but also make stronger overall wellness. Mealtime becomes an enjoyable experience for your pet, with added benefits for their digestion.
HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: Thanks to the linseed oil rich in Omega fatty acids, your dog will flaunt a shiny coat and healthy skin. This dog food goes beyond providing nutrition; it helps your pet appear and feel their absolute best.
PURE NUTRITION, NO SURPRISES: This pet nutrition food i.e. made in Belgium prioritizes your dog’s well-being by being free from wheat and added sugars. It’s packed with essential nutrients, without any unnecessary additives or preservatives. You’ll agree with that your pet is getting the most productive in each bowl.

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